Midjourney Commands List: Hands-on Guide

Cheat sheet: Midjourney commands list

If you’re just looking for a quick reference, here’s a brief overview of all Midjourney commands:

Action commands list

  • /imagine – ask the bot to create an image from a text prompt
  • /blend – upload up to 5 images to blend into one
  • /describe – upload an image to get text prompts that can create a similar one
  • /shorten – paste in a long text prompt to shorten it without losing the effects
  • /tune – generate a Style Tuner for a given prompt to tune a unique style


Toggle commands list

  • /relax – use the slowest mode for image generation
  • /fast – switch to fast mode
  • /turbo – switch to turbo mode (4x faster than fast but burns hours at 2X rate)
  • /public – images you generate are visible to the general public
  • /stealth – make your images invisible to the general public (requires Pro Plan)
  • /prefer option (set) – create a shortcut that contains multiple qualifiers in one
  • /prefer suffix – automatically append the specified value to every future prompt
  • /prefer remix – toggle the Remix mode on/off
  • /settings – access the Settings menu where you can change most of the above



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